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Sergi González

I’m a telecommunication engineer since 2009 currently living in Barcelona, Spain. I got my superior degree and the Master about Networks and Telecommunications at La Salle Bonanova University. I was also working with La Salle Communications Department on the project “SalleSat-I” where I built an innovative modem for the telecommunications satellite.

When I was a child I was very fond of astronomy already but it was when I joined the Asociación Hubble forums that I found out my real passion. There, I was able to understand a great deal about the rare concepts of this science. Finally, I bought my first equipment, which I have been using since 2005. The telescope is a Celestron CPC 800 with several accessories as Barlows, eyepieces, filters and so on.

As for as photography, I really took to it when I got my first digital camera. I found the way to take thousand of pictures and erase them if they didn´t come out the way I liked. Unfortunately, I still had problems taking photos when setting long or faster exposure, focal length or choosing my favorites parameters for instance. That´s why I decided to buy a reflex camera which I´m using today. The camera is a Canon 30D with a long and middle objective and a wide angular.

This camera has enabled me to pile up a huge amount of pictures and astrophotos with an acceptable quality in the last few years. So, I´m intending to add some of them in my web site. I also built my own web in order to show my projects and work. Finally, I uploaded the web in my own server called Saturno. It’s an old machine but I’m sure that it won´t pack up and will run for long time.

I do hope you enjoy visiting my site and my FLICKR! You are more than welcome to e-mail me any time at


Sergi González


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